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Smashed Lemon is known for its remarkable prints, perfect fit and its strong price-quality.

The brand is born in Amsterdam in 2007. In 2007, we started with comfortable dresses. Now it has grown to a strong collection with dresses, skirts, blazers, tops, jackets, trousers and knitwear.

Smashed Lemon is selling in 23 different countries all around the world.


  • The solid colours gives a perfect balance in the collection.
  • We have a strong personal style and are always innovating.
  • We believe that every women wants to be surprised with something special.
  • For every collection, we create new prints and designs together with the colours of the season.

This collection had everything Smashed Lemon is worth choosing for.

The Smashed Lemon Spring-Summer collection 2016 is full of bright colors, big garden blooms and colorful motifs. New this season, are pastel colors and the use of high quality cotton.

Create a POWERFUL LOOK which is both comfortable and feminine.


With the Smashed Lemon Autumn-Winter collection 2016 we present you a plethora of emotions. That is expressed in special materials, bright colors and different motifs. The motifs are birds, flowers, art, stained glass and a touch of retro to abstract.

The new prints will give you a boost of inspiration everyday.

The Story of
Smashed Lemon

In 2007, Smashed Lemon started with comfortable dresses. Almost 10 years later it has grown to a strong clothing line what is sold in more then 20 countries.  Smashed lemon is easily to combine. A perfect fitting. Remarkable prints. Amazing Quality for Strong Prices.

Let’s fall in love with Smashed Lemon.